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Why choose Guardian? The answer is easy. Our repairs are stronger and look better than any of our competition. Need proof? Look no further than our hundreds of 5-star reviews. When you entrust us with repairing your glass, you can be confident that the result will not only last a lifetime but also look as good as possible. We stand by our commitment to excellence with a guarantee that your repaired rock chip or crack will not grow or change for life. 

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Our repairs are stronger than a brand-new windshield and guaranteed for life!

Having a windshield rock chip or crack repaired with Guardian Windshield Repair is safe, permanent, legal, affordable, and convenient. 

Replacement Pros

  1. No Scar

Replacement Cons

  1. High Cost

  2. Time-Consuming

  3. Breaking Factory Seal

  4. Re-calibration Costs

  5. Potential for Installation Issues

  6. Environmental Impact

  7. Increased Insurance Premiums 

  8. Possible Leaks

  9. Possible Rust

  10. Possible Wind Noise

  11. Possible Stress Cracks

Repair Pros

1. Cost-Effective

2. Time-Saving

3. Preservation of Original Seal

4. No Calibration Needed

5. Environmentally Friendly

6. Prevents Further Damage

7. Convenience

8. Maintains Original Glass

Repair Cons

1. Scar


While a windshield replacement may be necessary in some cases, there are certain risks and considerations associated with the process. Here are some facts about why replacing your glass can be potentially dangerous and why minor damage should be repaired before a replacement in needed.

Risks associated with having your windshield replaced 

  • Improper Installation: If the glass replacement is not done correctly, it may lead to improper sealing, which can result in leaks and water damage inside the vehicle. Proper installation requires skill and expertise.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Many modern vehicles come equipped with ADAS, which includes features like lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking. Improper windshield replacement can interfere with the functionality of these systems, compromising safety.

  • Glass Quality: The use of low-quality or improper glass can pose risks. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is designed to meet specific safety standards for your vehicle. Substituting it with inferior alternatives may compromise safety.

  • Structural Integrity: The windshield is a crucial part of a vehicle's structural integrity. Incorrect replacement may undermine the strength of the vehicle's roof, which relies on the windshield for support in the event of a rollover.

  • Sealant Issues: Inadequate use of sealants can result in leaks and water seepage, causing damage to the interior of the vehicle over time. It can also lead to rust and corrosion, affecting the vehicle's longevity 

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At Guardian Windshield Repair, our unwavering commitment to safety is evident in every aspect of our operations. From the cutting-edge equipment to the advanced resins and curing lights, we employ industry-leading technology. Each repair we undertake boasts a remarkable strength rating, surpassing new glass by up to 152%. We prioritize safety at every step, ensuring that our customers receive the strongest, best looking windshield repairs possible.


Benefits of having Guardian repair your glass.

  • Permanent

  • Stronger than new glass

  • looks better

  • Safe

  • Affordable

  • We come to you

  • Convenient

  • Legal

  • No need for calibration

  • There is no need for a replacement

  • Fast

  • Lifetime guarantee on every repair

  • Eco friendly

  • Preserves the factory seal

  • Doesn't create leaks, wind-noise or rust

Our rock chip repairs are just better!

We can fix just about any rock chip. With over 35,000 windshield saved there is almost no damage that we can not repair. Your repair will be stronger than a new windshield and although you can not hide damage completely, our experience and equipment will make the damage look as good as possible. 

Think you need a replacement? Maybe not. We can repair most cracks up to twenty-four inches in length.

Unlike most replacement shops, we can safely repair windshield cracks up to two feet long. Although a windshield crack can not be hidden entirely, the repair will be permanent and safe, and we guarantee all of our repairs will be stronger than new glass. Send us a photo of the damage to your windshield, and we will let you know if a repair is possible.

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windshield crack  repair by guardian windshield repair

Cheap repairs can cost more!

Beware of cheap, subpar windshield repairs, as they pose a significant safety risk. Your windshield contributes up to 70% of the structural integrity of your vehicles roof, and opting for a repair by an inexperienced technician or using low-strength resin can have catastrophic consequences. In the event of an accident, a substandard repair may fail, leading to windshield failure and even the collapse of the roof. These potential dangers can be avoided by choosing Guardian for your rock chip and crack repairs. Our experienced technicians and high-strength resin ensure that your windshield not only looks good but also maintains its structural integrity, providing a safer driving experience. Don't compromise on safety—trust Guardian for reliable and top-quality windshield repairs.

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What windshield replacement shops won't tell you.

There exist numerous misconceptions regarding what can and cannot be repaired. Please send us a photo of your damage, and we will advise you on the best course of action. Should your glass require replacement, we do not endorse or collaborate with any replacement shops. Safety is paramount to us, and while we aim to preserve your windshield, we will never repair damage that warrants replacement.

Damage larger than a quarter  can not be safely repaired

False - When expertly repaired using Ulrabond resin, even cracks as extensive as 24 inches can be permanently repaired. Our repairs exhibit a strength rating that surpasses new glass by up to 152%.

Damage near or touching the edge of the glass should not be repaired

False - The most common windshield crack is an edge crack where the damage continues under the rubber seal and stops at the edge of the glass. There is absolutely no reason these can not be repaired. 

Windshield crack repairs are not as strong as a new windshield  

False - Our repairs have a proven strength of up to 152% stronger than brand-new glass. We also guarantee every repair we perform for life. 

Need proof? Read the lab results directly from Ultrabond

Our meticulous attention to detail, utilization of high-quality resins, and cutting-edge equipment enable us to execute repairs that surpass the capabilities of any other company. Take a look at our reviews, and it becomes evident why we've garnered hundreds of 5-star ratings. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers, highlighting the exceptional results and service that set us apart from the rest.


Pre-Repair Tips

Althought repairing the damage is the only way to prevent it from growing, here are a few things that may keep your rock chip or windshield crack from expanding before we can fix it.

don't park on steep driveway
don't use your defroster
don't wash your vehicle
don't add anything to rock chip damage


Do not park on a steep driveway or hill

Parking on an incline may lead to the damage spreading before it can be repaired.

Do not use your defroster or air conditioner on the glass. 
If you rapidly heat or cool your windshield, it may cause the damage to spread.
Do not wash the car or get the glass wet. 
Refrain from washing or exposing the glass to rain to prevent further damage. Sealing the crack with packing tape is recommended if the glass is exposed to rainy weather.
Do not add anything to the damage.
Do not apply any substances to the damage. The only effective way to strengthen or prevent the spread of a chip or crack is to have it professionally repaired. The use of super glue, nail polish, or any other adhesive will hinder the success of a proper repair.


Cover the damage with packing tape or something similar. 

Use packing tape to cover the damage and keep it dry and clean. Although this won't prevent the damage from expanding, it will increase the likelihood of the repair looking its best.

cover the damage with packing tape
Park in the shade
Keeping the glass cool and out of the sun will help prevent the damage from growing.
park in the shade
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