Our rock chip repairs are stronger, safer, and look better.

Our reputation is everything!

Guardian Windshield Repair is the highest-rated rock chip repair, windshield crack repair, and headlight restoration company in the Bay Area.


We will always tell you the truth and our honest opinion. This includes informing you what can not be repaired. Since we can not control the quality of their work, we do not recommend or work with any replacement shops.



We stand behind every repair or restoration we do with an unrivaled warranty and customer service. Our rock chip and long crack repairs are guaranteed for life, our headlight and trim restorations are guaranteed for two years.



We are proud to have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews online. We are a premium service and strive to give our customers a positive experience from the first phone call to your finished repair.



Windshield Chip Repair and Long Crack Repair Services

Windshield repair is an effective and affordable alternative to replacing a windshield. Windshield repair is the process of repairing a windshield that has been cracked or chipped by rocks or debris. Windshields can be repaired by removing the air and crushed glass and injecting an acrylic-based resin into the crack or chip. If done correctly with professional-grade resins and equipment, the crack or chip will restore the structural integrity of the glass. Guardian Restoration Systems uses the best resin in the industry, making glass repairs up to 152% stronger than brand-new glass.

Our windshield repair process usually takes less than 30 minutes but can take up to an hour to complete.

Our auto glass repair customers appreciate the convenience of our free mobile service, which comes to your home, office, or any safe location. You don’t have to take time out of your busy day to drive somewhere and wait for your glass repair or headlight restoration. We will keep you updated about arrival times and repair expectations from the initial phone contact through completing your glass repair, exterior trim restoration, headlight restoration, or rock chip prevention coating. 

We are a Windshield Repair company located in the Bay Area. We specialize in Rock Chip Repair, Long Crack Repair, and Headlight Restoration. We pride ourselves on being the highest-rated company in the Bay Area for Windshield Repair, Rock Chip Repair, Long Crack Repair, and Headlight Restoration. If you are ever in need of any of these services, please give us a call, and we would be happy to help! Thank you for choosing Guardian Restoration Systems!

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If your small rock chip has spread into a long crack, we can still help!

We can safely repair most cracks up to 24". If you were not able to repair a windshield chip before it spread, there is a chance we can still save the glass and save you the cost of a replacement. Please text us a photo of the damage so we can let you know what your options are. 650-671-0247



Rock Chip Prevention Treatments

Our proprietary Nano-Ceramic treatment guarantees you do not get another windshield rock chip or we repair it for free!


With our proprietary Nano-Ceramic coating, we guarantee you do not get another rock chip, or we will repair it for free! With replacement costs higher than ever, it is essential to protect your glass. Having Guardian Restoration Systems chemically treat your glass makes it stronger, harder, and scratch-resistant. Driving in harsh weather is also made safer by reducing glare and the need for windshield wipers. 

  • Two years of protection

  • Oil/grease removal 

  • Water spot removal

  • Full windshield glass polish

  • Guardian chemical treatment of the glass

  • Scratch-resistant protective layer

  • Helps prevent chips and cracks

  • Reduces glare

  • Reduces the need for wipers

  • Eliminates hard water stains

  • Makes driving in rain and snow much safer

  • Makes glass much easier to keep clean

Anatomy of a windshield with our Nano-Shield Coating as an additional layer of protection

Automotive Glass Coatings.png

Once we repaired a rock chip on this Tesla X Plaid, we protected the windshield, roof, and back hatch glass. First, we polished the glass to remove any hard water stains, debris, or mild defects. Then our proprietary glass cleaner is used to clean and remove excess compounds, polishes, wax, oils, and other contaminants. Finally, we applied our Nano-Shield quartz coating to the glass. This process not only gives your glass a beautiful deep reflection but also protects it from small debris, preventing rock chips and cracks. 




Hard to see at night? We can help! Call the highest-rated Headlight Restoration company in the Bay Area.

Professional Headlight Restorations are an instant safety upgrade for any vehicle.

Headlights are one of the most neglected parts of a vehicle. If your lights are hazy or oxidized, you can lose as much as 80% of your light output. Having Guardian Restoration Systems restore your lights gives any vehicle an updated look and creates a safer driving experience that will last for years.

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Over time, sunlight, car washes, and weather can affect your headlights, making them yellowed, cloudy, peeling, or even cracked. If you had tried to restore them yourself but ended up with headlights that look worse than before you started, don’t worry. It’s not your fault. Youtube and other do-it-yourself myths make it look easy to restore lights. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong very quickly. With over 4000 sets of headlights successfully restored, there is an excellent chance we can still save yours. Send us a picture and let us know what was done to the lights to determine what it would take to avoid replacing them.