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Got a rock chip or windshield crack?

We can repair chips and cracks up to twenty-four inches in length saving your glass and your money! 

  • 5 -star customer service

  • Our repairs are stronger than a new windshield

  • Our repairs look better than the competition

  • Lifetime guarantee on every repair 

  • We have the expertise to repair cracks up to 24 inches in length!

"Unlike the majority of rock chip repair companies, in the event that the damage expands during the repair process (which can occasionally occur), we have the capability to seamlessly continue the repair, eliminating the need for glass replacement."

Jason LaRosa


Master Repair Technician

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Why choose Guardian for your repair?

Choosing Guardian for your windshield repair guarantees you both convenience and the peace of mind that your repair will last forever under any condition. Using the industry's strongest resins and cutting-edge equipment, resulting in repairs that not only surpass the competition in aesthetics but also outperform even a brand-new windshield in strength. While lower-cost options may be available, remember, quality comes at a price. Investing a bit more ensures your safety is always prioritized.

Over 500, 5-star reviews!

Guardian is the Bay Area's highest-rated rock chip & crack repair company. 

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Rock Chip Repair

Repair your rock chips before they spread and a replacement is needed.

We can fix it!


Windshield Crack Repair

We cam repair windshield cracks up to twenty four-inches in length. 

We can fix it!

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Rock Chip Prevention

We can prevent rock chips and cracks. Guaranteed!

We also repair paint chips!

Repairing car paint chips is essential to prevent corrosion, maintain the vehicle's appearance, and preserve its resale value.

  • Update vehicles appearance 

  • Free mobile service

  • Prevent rust

  • Prevent damage from expanding

  • Lifetime warranty

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Our repairs are stronger than a new windshield!

We exclusively use Ultra Bond resins, which have proven their strength to be up to 152% stronger than that of new glass.

It's essential to understand that your windshield contributes up to 40% of the structural integrity of your vehicle's roof. An improperly executed repair or the use of inferior resin can lead to failure in the event of an accident. This failure could result in your windshield failing, subsequently compromising the integrity of your roof.

In contrast, a do-it-yourself kit typically provides just 34% of the structural integrity of new glass.

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