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Preventing windshield damage is easier than you think!

As windshield replacement costs continue to rise in today's world, it is crucial to prioritize the protection of your glass. Guardian Restoration Systems recognizes this need and offers a solution through our Windshield Magic Protective Coating. This coating chemically treats your windshield, making it stronger, harder, and more resistant to chips, cracks and scratches.

Apart from safeguarding your windshield from damage, the Windshield Magic Protective Coating also enhances your driving experience by reducing glare and minimizing the use of windshield wipers, resulting in a safer driving experience even in harsh weather conditions.


Windshield Magic

 Rock Chip Prevention Coating

  • Two years of protection

  • Oil/grease removal 

  • Water spot removal

  • Full windshield glass polish

  • Windshield Magic chemical treatment of the glass

  • Scratch-resistant protective layer

  • It helps prevent chips and cracks

  • Reduces glare

  • Reduces the need for wipers

  • Eliminates hard water stains

  • It makes driving in the rain and snow much safer

  • It makes glass much easier to keep clean

Applying Windshield Magic to your windshield will help prevent rocks and debris from penetrating more than 21% into the glass, thus reducing the likelihood of a crack or chip.

Guardian Windshield Repair understands that the fracture point of a windshield is typically 21% deep into the glass. By applying Windshield Magic, rocks are prevented from penetrating that deeply, resulting in minor pits instead of cracks. With our 2-year guarantee, we offer protection against any rock chips or cracks. If any occur within the guarantee period, we repair them at no cost to you.

Windshield Magic is a revolutionary hydrophobic quartz barrier that forms a molecular bond with your vehicle's glass, providing complete protection against various road debris, chemical, mechanical, and environmental factors. Moreover, the water-repellent barrier shields against snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt, reducing scuffs, scratches, and hard water stains. This ensures that your windshield, rear glass, side windows, and mirrors are reinforced and effortless to maintain.

By opting for the Windshield Magic treatment, you can enjoy several benefits, such as enhanced optical clarity, reduced day and night glare, prevention of hard water stains, and an improved visual appearance of your vehicle's glass. You also experience fewer instances of rock chips and cracks. Our one-time professional installation of Windshield Magic includes a 2-year warranty, which guarantees your peace of mind and provides additional protection for your glass.

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