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Rock Chip Prevention Coating - Terms, Conditions, & Warranty

Coverage Limitations:

  • The application of the coating does not ensure complete prevention of all damages.

  • Acknowledgment that damages occurring after the coating application may require the replacement of the windshield, side glass, glass roof, rear glass, or any other vehicle glass.

Professional Installation Warranty:

  • Guardian Windshield Repair extends a warranty for repairable damage sustained within the two-year lifespan of the proprietary ceramic coating.

  • Repair fees for eligible damages will be waived upon professional installation.

Unrepairable Damage and Replacement:

  • If damage is deemed unrepairable and necessitates glass replacement, the customer agrees to hold Guardian Windshield Repair harmless.

  • In the event of irreparable damage, Guardian Windshield Repair commits to reimbursing $100 towards deductible or replacement costs.

  • Proof of replacement must be provided to receive reimbursement.

  • Reimbursement payments will be issued by check and mailed within 7 business days of proof of replacement.

Financial Responsibility:

  • Guardian Windshield Repair bears no liability for any costs or fees associated with glass replacement.

  • The customer assumes responsibility for all expenses related to irreparable damage and replacement.

  • By agreeing to these terms, the customer acknowledges the limitations, warranties, and responsibilities outlined herein, ensuring a clear understanding of the Rock Chip Prevention Coating services provided by Guardian Windshield Repair.

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