The Ultimate Glass Protection

No more rock chips or cracks. Guaranteed!

Once Guardian has chemically treated your glass with our liquid nano-coating, we guarantee you will not get future chips or cracks! If you do, we repair them for free. If you need to replace the glass for any reason during the lifespan of the coating, we will re-apply a new coating for free. 

Anatomy of a windshield with our Nano-Coating as an additional layer of protection







Starting at

  • Two years of protection

  • Oil/grease removal with the use of clay bar

  • Water spot removal

  • Full windshield glass polish

  • Guardian chemical treatment of the glass

  • Scratch-resistant protective layer

  • Helps prevent chips and cracks

  • Reduces glare

  • Reduces the need for wipers

  • Eliminates hard water stains

  • Makes driving in rain and snow much safer

  • Makes glass much easier to keep clean

*Terms, & Conditions Apply

Our protective coating molecularly fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic quartz barrier. This barrier helps reduce damage from small road debris and prevents chemical, mechanical, and environmental degradation. It also prevents scuffs, scratches, and hard water stains. As a result, your windshield, rear glass, side windows, and mirrors are stronger, safer, and easier to keep clean. Your glass will also repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt. Safety upgrades include:

  • Enhanced optical clarity for the driver and passengers.

  • A reduction in day and night glare.

  • A more aesthetically appealing look to your vehicle glass.

Our proprietary glass treatment is a one-time, professionally installed application with a 2-year warranty.