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Here are a few things that may keep your rock chip or windshield crack from expanding before we can fix it.

Keep the damaged glass dry

Refrain from washing or exposing the glass to rain to prevent further damage. Sealing the crack with packing tape is recommended if the glass is exposed to rainy weather.

Do not park on a steep driveway or hill

Please be advised that we can only repair your glass on a flat surface. Furthermore, parking on a slope may heighten the risk of the damage spreading before it can be fixed.

Cover the damage with packing tape or something similar. 

Use packing tape to cover the damage and keep it dry and clean. Although this won't prevent the damage from expanding, it will increase the likelihood of the repair looking its best.

Do not use your A/C or defroster

If you rapidly heat or cool your windshield, it may cause the chip to spread.

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