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Repairing your windshield crack is safe and permanent.

At Guardian Windshield Repair, we understand the importance of pricing when choosing a glass repair service. However, selecting a cheap and subpar windshield repair service can have significant risks and potential consequences. Our top priority is ensuring your safety, so we exclusively utilize the highest quality resin and equipment available in the industry. We take great pride in safeguarding your vehicle throughout the repair process by using seat covers, steering wheel covers, and floor mats and protecting the hood and fenders. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we specialize in handling repairs that many technicians cannot address. Our skilled team, along with state-of-the-art equipment, ensures that your repair looks flawless and exceeds the original glass's strength.



Crack repairs are cost-effective.

Repairing a long crack in your windshield is often more cost-effective than replacing the entire glass. This is especially true for vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), as replacing the windshield can be significantly more expensive due to the need to recalibrate the systems. Repairing a crack can prevent it from spreading and causing further damage, potentially saving you from replacing the entire windshield. Additionally, windshield repair is quicker and less time-consuming than windshield replacement, which means less downtime for your vehicle. Not only is repairing a crack in your windshield a cost-effective option, but it can also help ensure the safety and functionality of your vehicle's ADAS systems, which rely on a clear and unobstructed view of the road.


Your repair will have a scar, but repairs typically look much better.

Once a windshield crack is repaired, it is essential to remember that the damage may still be slightly visible. The main objective of the repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass and is not cosmetic. This is accomplished by drilling a small hole at the end to terminate the crack and filling the damage with a specially designed resin that bonds with both surrounding layers of glass and the layer of plastic (PVB) in the middle. This process must be done by a trained professional and can not be done with a do-it-yourself kit. Once the resin cures, the repaired area becomes the strongest part of the glass. Even though the repair will be slightly visible,  it will not jeopardize the safety or functionality of the windshield. Overall, while the appearance of the crack may not be eliminated, a repair will significantly enhance the glass's strength and appearance.


Your repair will be stronger than new glass and last forever.

Repair it and forget it. We use only the best resin in the industry, and your repair will be up to 156% stronger than brand-new glass. Once we repair your windshield, we warranty the repair for as long as you own your vehicle.


Before booking, please text us a photo of your damage. We will verify that your glass can be saved.

To ensure an accurate assessment of the damage and determine the repair cost, it is crucial to measure along the length of the crack rather than just measuring from edge to edge.

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Here are a few things that may keep your rock chip or windshield crack from expanding before we can fix it.

Keep the damaged glass dry

Refrain from washing or exposing the glass to rain to prevent further damage. Sealing the crack with packing tape is recommended if the glass is exposed to rainy weather.

Do not park on a steep driveway or hill

Please be advised that we can only repair your glass on a flat surface. Furthermore, parking on a slope may heighten the risk of the damage spreading before it can be fixed.

Cover the damage with packing tape or something similar. 

Use packing tape to cover the damage and keep it dry and clean. Although this won't prevent the damage from expanding, it will increase the likelihood of the repair looking its best.

Do not use your A/C or defroster

If you rapidly heat or cool your windshield, it may cause the chip to spread.

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