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Glass Protection Warranty Terms 

(A) Warranty & Reimbursement Terms

After the professional installation of our glass treatment, we guarantee the prevention of any rock chips or cracks in your glass for as long as you own the vehicle. In the event damage is received, fees accrued for glass crack and chip repairs will be waived. Guardian Windshield Repair pledges to reimburse up to $1000.00 for replacement or deductible expenses if it deems the windshield unrepairable. Preceding any glass replacement, inspection by Guardian Windshield Repair is required for reimbursement within 3 days of damage.

(B) Reimbursement Qualification

To qualify for deductible or replacement reimbursement, verification of replacement must be emailed to Guardian Windshield Repair. Guardian Windshield Repair agrees to reimburse deductible or replacement costs up to $1000.00, with reimbursement being the lower amount if deductible or replacement costs are lower than $1000.00. For instance, reimbursement will be $250.00 if your insurance deductible for a windshield replacement is $250.00. In cases of zero deductibles for replacements as per your insurance policy, Guardian Windshield Repair waives any reimbursement amounts, resulting in a $0.00 reimbursement.

If you decline Guardian's repair of any repairable damage and opt for glass replacement instead, Guardian Windshield Repair assumes no liability for replacement expenses, resulting in voided reimbursement. Guardian Windshield Repair maintains the primary right to repair any damage to treated glass, with reimbursement applicable only if Guardian Windshield Repair determines replacement as the safer or necessary course of action.

(C) Damage Disclaimer

Deductible or replacement reimbursement is exclusive to glass lost due to a rock chip or cracks received from small road debris. Damage caused by vandalism, severe weather, acts of God, or negligence does not qualify for reimbursement.

Types of repairable damage include Rock chips up to one inch in length, and long crack repairs up to twenty-four inches. Non-repairable damage includes surface pits, scratches, and cracks greater than twenty-four inches in length.

(D) Free Repair Process

To begin warranty-covered repairs, please email Guardian Windshield Repair to receive a calendar invite via our online portal. Once scheduled, kindly bring your vehicle to our Burlingame repair center. Please be aware that mobile service is not offered for warranty claims.

(E) Claim Submittal

To submit a reimbursement claim, please contact us via email for instructions on the next steps of your claim process.

For claims or questions please email Guardian Windshield Repair

(F) Deductible Payment Process

Deductible or replacement reimbursement will be disbursed via check sent by mail from Guardian Windshield Repair within thirty days of receipt of proof of replacement. Claims for repair and reimbursement must be submitted via email and cannot be processed over the phone or in person. To initiate a claim or request a warranty repair, photographs of the damage along with the VIN of the vehicle must be provided through email.

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