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Glass Crack & Scratch Repair

Northern California's highest rated glass repair and restoration company

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This can be repaired.

Permanent and stronger than a new windshield. Guaranteed for life!

Cracked windshield? Don't replace it until you talk to us.

We have saved over 35,000 windshields for customers who were told they needed to replace their glass!

At Guardian Windshield Repair, we specialize in repairing windshields that others lack the skills, knowledge, or expertise to save. We can repair damage up to twenty-four inches, saving you time and money. Rest assured, our repairs are not only permanent but also have a strength rating higher than a new windshield. We stand by our work with a lifetime guarantee.

We're your glass replacement alternative! 


Lifetime Guarantee On Every Repair


Locally Owned & Operated


We Are Mobile, We Come To You


Guardian Windshield Repair is the highest-rated rock chip and windshield crack repair company in the Bay Area!

Our customers rate Guardian 5.0 out of 5.0 online!

Mobile Windshield Repairs


Incredible rock chip repairs.

We can fix just about any rock chip. With over 35,000 windshields saved there is almost no damage that we can not repair. Your repair will be stronger than a new windshield and although you can not hide damage completely, our experience, industry-leading resins, and equipment will make the damage look as good as possible. 


We can repair most cracks up to twenty-four inches in length.

Unlike most replacement shops, we can safely repair windshield cracks up to two feet long. Although a windshield crack can not be hidden entirely, the repair will be permanent and safe, and we guarantee all of our repairs will be stronger than new glass. 


Rock chip, crack and scratch prevention treatment.

Preventing damage to your windshield is simpler and more budget-friendly than you might imagine. Our expertise lies in chemically treating glass to enhance its durability, making it more resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks. Unlike replacement shops, we offer this specialized service and boast unparalleled expertise in windshield protection.


Classic Glass Refinishing & Restoration

  • Deep Scratch Removal

  • Wiper Mark Removal

  • Hard Water Stain Removal

  • Oil, Fuel, Grease Removal

  • Defect Removal

  • Contaminate removal


Glass Polishing

  • Crystal clear glass

  • Mirror finish

  • No hard water stains

  • No scratches

  • Deep reflections

Wiper Mark & Scratch Removal

We can remove just about any scratch or wiper blade mark from your glass.

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